More sales, more customers with Pumbastick pricing stickers.



When prices are clearly visible it attracts potential customers. If you point Pumbastick pricing stickers towards a near by road it is quaranteed to gain attention. When pointed to the sales yard the ”yard cruisers” will stop when they see a bargain they have been looking for.


As Pumbastick stickers are re-usable up to 12 months you can slap them on even to the windshield and remove them for the duration of a test drive. When the test drive is done, you can use the same stickers you had on and just re-attach them.


Stickers are available both with clear and white base, to be ”glued” on the top or as a mirror image on the inside surface. On the top versions are perfect for indoor use and when ”glued” on the inside they are best suited for outdoors as they are protected against vile weather conditions (ice etc.)


Especially Maxi size stickers are a sure eye catcher even with a distance, (one sticker is A5 size).



Material and how to use


Pumbastick pricing stickers are printed on a material that sticks to most smooth clear surfaces with its silicone based adhesive. When you remove the sticker it leaves no glue stains or anything that requires excessive cleaning. Perfect surfaces to use this material include glass, plastick, metals, tiles or even pained wood. Stickers are re-usable for up to 12 months and in case the adhesive side gets dirty you can simply wash the dirt off with water and you are ready to go again. Please, do not use soaps or any other cleaning materials. Material is also fully recyclable.


Installing or ”gluing” Pumbastick pricing stickers is very simple. When you have lined up the first sticker the rest is just placing stickers next to each other. As the stickers are rectangular the spacing between symbols stays correct each and every time.

You can also use wet assembly, where the surface is moistened with a spray of water before placing the stickers on. When using wet assembly and a roller or a rubber squeegee it is easier to get rid of any possible air bubbles.

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